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MusiCure Nature Film Trailers

Here we continuously present selected examples of MusiCure nature films in the form of short trailers, which give an impression of both the moving pictures, the accompanying MusiCure music and the atmospheres from where the film was shot. What you see is always with special focus on nature and all films are without speak - with only music as background.   

With a subscription for ‘MusiCure Stream’ the films can be watched in full length when activating the ‘MusiCure Nature film Channel’. 
A subscription gives unlimited access to both the nature films, as well as the MusiCure music channel, the Procedure channel and the Night/Sleep channel with an 8 hours sleep program. 

MusiCure Springtime Trailer 2020

A small contribution to the beautiful springtime we are entering, with music and images from the forest that everyone can enjoy - and especially to you, who are unable to get out and experience the forest and the anemones unfolding right now. It is our hope to give renewed optimism and inspiration in a difficult time.
MusiCure Winter Trailer

Winter Moods with animals and birds in the forest.

'MusiCure Stream' is a new streaming service offering specially designed and evidence-based MusiCure music and nature films for de-stressing positive stimulation within healthcare.

Under the headline 'Bring in Nature' this service is aimed at hospitals departments, independent practitioners, institutions, companies and care centers, as well as private users and clinics.

Skärgård - Archipelago Trailer
Midsummer in the Swedish Archipelago, where thousands of forested islands and rocky outcrops frames the beautiful maritime atmosphere.

Impressions of MusiCure - Trailer 
Impressions from nature, introducing the Nordic spring forest, where the Blackbird’s song signals the coming of summer, and the anemones cover the forest floor with their white flowers.   

Cherry Garden - Trailer
A sure sign of spring is when the Cherry trees blossom. The brilliant pink flowers spreads light and joy against the clear blue sky, and bring optimism and happy feelings in the early spring. 

EQUATOR Tropical Adventure - Trailer
The rainforest at the equator is lush and full of life. 
In the dense jungle by the river birds and the wild monkeys live peacefully together, searching for food among the many different fruit-bearing trees.

Ocean Echoes - Trailer

Atmospheres from the great Pacific Ocean on the Californian coast, where giant rock formations and large ocean waves form the framework for a varied animal and bird life.

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