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News about MusiCure and the research - selected press material 2020-2021


Wakening up to music and nature
In the fall of 2019, at Odense University Hospital (OUH), tested MusiCure music and films with nature on patients who woke up after surgery, with very positive results.

Under the headline: Fall asleep on the operating table - wake up in the forest, the hospital has tried to make awakening after surgery more relaxing with nature and music - see feature that was brought in DR1-TV News and article.

February 2020

Survey with the MusiCure Pillow for Delirium patients at The North Zealand Hospital who announces a very positive effect of the MusiCure Pillow on delirium patients. Positive results similar to those previously published from Hvidovre Hospital.
The majority of patients come out of their delirium very quickly, with no need for further medication and managed without the supervision of the nurses, which gave them more free time for other duties!
Based on the good results from both Hvidovre and North Zealand's Hospitals, MusiCure Pillows are now also being tested on delirium patients at several other hospitals in Demnark and Sweden. 
September 2018
Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) auditorium one - 27. September 18
Niels Eje was invited as keynote speaker at the Cardiology Nursing Symposium at Rigshospitalet, with the participation of nurses from the Capital Region and Region Zealand. Here, the latest research results and publications with MusiCure were presented .
August 2018
The MusiCure Pillow tested on demented citizens.
A comprehensive user survey of the MusiCure pillow and its effect on demented citizens was conducted in the spring of 2018 in Favrskov municipality, Central Jutland, Denmark. The purpose of the study was to test the use of the pillow and the music over a longer period of time and the results of the overall study are now published in a 20 page report, as well as in a brief user guide.
The test results was rated with five stars ***** out of five possible!
Symposium Rigshospitalet september 2018
Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen - Auditorium 1 - 27.09. 2018

Niels Eje was invited as keynote speaker at the Cardiological Nursing Symposium, with the participation of nurses from the Capital Region of Copenhagen and Region Zealand. Here, the latest research results were presented using his special composed MusiCure programs.
Award MusiCure April 2018

21 April 2018

Danish Health and Science Award
Invited by entrepreneur and Editor of magazine Sund-Forskning (Healthy Research), Marianne Palm, Inge and I participated today in the magazine's trade fair “Danish Health and Science Award" at DOCKEN in Copenhagen, and received a special award as the year's Bridge-builders for the creation of MusiCure. We are very proud because of the reasons for the award, which says "a prize for someone who makes a difference for ill and hospitalized people and who is also building bridges between different disciplines for the benefit of health.” A big thank you to Marianne and the team behind Healthy Research!
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